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Death From Child Abuse ... and no one heard

for 6-12 Grades

Death From Child Abuse ... and no one heard

for Professional Training

" Death From Child Abuse ... and no one heard is a resource

that must be in the hands of every teacher."

- Betty Castor, FL Commissioner of Education

" I first read this book in 7th grade at the request of the liaison

officer of our school. And while I have never been abused, it

carried a life long message with it that reached to the depth

of my soul."

- A reader from Tallahassee FL

Why Death From Child Abuse ... and no one heard?

When read by the youngmiddle and high school students,

this book can help break the cycle of violence in the family.

The unforgettable story provokes conversation, compassion

and understanding at a critical time in the development of

the child, when the potential abuser or victim can best alter

the trajectory of their life.

Young people deeply empathize with the child in Part I.

Part II offers them a positive guide for developing

relationships and a means to recognize potentially

dangerous behavior in themselves or others.

" ... I would provide a copy of Death From Child Abuse ... and

no one heard for reading by every teacher, social worker, police

officer, government official and 'high risk' family ..."

- Lucy Braun, Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Orange County, FL

" Highly recommended for professionals, parents, and anyone

who cares about children."

- Child Welfare League of America, Inc.

" I can think of no more effective means of alerting people to the

tragedy of child abuse than by making this book available to

teachers, pastors, doctors, nurses and parents across the country."

- Alice T. MacMahon, Director

The Center for Womens Medicine at Florida Hospital.

The book uses the traumatic story of a young childs death

and her mothers dysfunctional relationship with her boyfriend to

stimulate classroom discussion and analysis of child abuse and

domestic violence for a wide spectrum of students. It should

be requisite in the training of Child Protection Workers,

Educators, Health Care Professionals, Law Enforcement

Officers, Foster Parents, Guardians Ad Litem, Prospective

Parents and those in Family Therapy.

Grand Publishing Copyright 2011

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