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Cried Tears For This

Baby Girl ...

I just received this book in the mail today and could not stop reading it until I was done.

I cried from the beginning til the end. This beautiful little girl, Ursula, was beaten to death. I pictured all the abuse Ursula went through as I looked at her face on the back cover from time to time as I read. I was crying so hard for the pain that Ursula was going through my husband came into the room.

The severity of the abuse Ursula suffered, no little girl should have to endure. The most heart-breaking part of the book is the comments and cries out for help to Ursula's mother in her weakened little voice. This book is definitely not for young readers.

What these people did to this sweet loving little girl and no one saw the signs. No one helped her. Why didn't the teacher, neighbors, co-workers or friends see her malnourished, beaten and slumped over body? She cried out for help and no one heard her cries or they did and ignored them.

That's all Ursula wanted was to be loved and taken care of by her mother. Instead every day she left Ursula with a monster and did nothing to stop him when she came home. Eventually she even joins in at the instruction of her boyfriend. When Ursula died they threw her away and erased all traces of her like she never existed.

I shed more tears in the time it took me to read Ursula's story than her mother did when she died. She had every chance to help that little girl and sat idly by.

I recommend this book to everyone without a child. Recognize the signs and get involved. Save these kinds of children from going through this pain. I will hug my kids a little more and a little tighter after having read this tragic story of a little girl named Ursula Sunshine Assaid.

- P. Ackerson "Wife of a Soldier" (Germany)

"Theres rarely been a more affecting and impassioned plea on behalf of children. Highly recommended for professionals, parents, and anyone who cares about children."

-Child Welfare League of America, Inc.

"The authors have offered dynamic material in a forceful presentation which is always sensitive and never offensive. The style is easy, the story is compelling, the exhortation is urgent. Who could ignore such a cogent plea? This publication deserves wide circulation. It has a message that must be delivered to the public without further delay."

-Thomas Aglio, Catholic Social Services

"I sincerely believe that public awareness of the extent of child abuse is very limited and most people refuse to give credence to stories they hear. One reading of this book can only shake the reader into facing reality."

- Alvin Gamson The Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando, Inc.

"Our office has recommended to the training coordinating agencies that Death From Child Abuse...and no one heard be read by all the instructors teaching our states mandated 20-hour Child Care Training Course. This book clearly demonstrates and reinforces the need for all individuals working with children to become actively involved in preventing child abuse."

- Larry Pintacuda, Program Supervisor State of Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

"At a time when some are questioning the need to protect children because of fears of intrusions into family, this book compellingly documents one of the thousands of child abuse cases that occur in the United States yearly. Child protection is a high priority...child abuse deaths will continue. Read this book and then get involved in preventing abuse deaths in your community."

- Richard D. Krugman, M.D. Dean, University of Colorado School of Medicine

"I wish I could say that Death From Child Abuse...and no one heard was a rare example of the plight of child abuse victims. Unfortunately, Ursula Sunshine Assaid was a victim of society-wide lack of understanding and concern for our most vulnerable citizens--our children. If everyone in our society was forced to read this chronicle we would stand a better chance of finally and conclusively recognizing the significance of abuse and exploitation of our youngest citizens."

- Jay Howell Executive Director National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

"What a compelling book. The account of the last days of Ursula Sunshine Assaid is shocking. It makes one hurt and then angry angry enough to want to do something so that no other child would have to undergo such torturous treatment."

- Lt. Sam Flanigan, Salvation Army

"Reading Death From Child Abuse...and no one heard, made me angry that there is still so much that needs to be done to protect the innocent victims. I am constantly looking for methods to bring this issue to the forefront of public concern and will include your book in the must read category."

- Ken Eikenberry Attorney General of Washington

"I work with abused children and their families everyday. I believe child abuse is epidemic and the general public has no idea of the frequency of child abuse in our culture. This book has the unique ability to present a very tragic event in a totally personal way. If it were possible, I would provide a copy of this book for reading by every teacher, social worker, police officer, government official and high risk family."

- Lucy Braun Coordinator, Child Abuse Prevention

"Thank you for letting me preview this book. This is a most important book, because it tells in a graphic and vivid manner the story of the last few days in the life of a bright happy little girl who was tortured and finally killed in the guise of discipline. The voice of Ursula Assaid, like that of Wendy Johnson, Corey Greer, Lisa Steinberg and many other children was not heard during life, but Ursula, at least will be heard now."

- Norman Boyd, Parents Anonymous of Florida, Inc

"I can think of no more effective means of alerting people to the tragedy of child abuse than by making this book available to teachers, pastors, doctors, nurses and parents across the country. By making those who work with children and families aware of the enormity of this problem, the war on child abuse can be won."

- Alice MacMahon

Director, Center for Womens Medicine Florida Hospital

"This year in the United States over one million children will be reported s abused. The real numbers are probably many times the reported cases. Child abuse has an impact on our society that is staggering Various studies indicate that between 70 and 90 percent of those in prison for sexual offenses were themselves sexually victimized as children. There are long-term psychic scars that affect self-image, profession, marriage, divorce, the family and our society as a whole.

- Judge Walter Komanski

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, State of Florida

"This is a book you will not enjoy reading. This story makes an excellent start on enlarging awareness of the problem by presenting one terrible tragedy as historical fiction. It may sicken or repulse you. It may enrage you. But it will affect you.

I strongly recommend that anyone involved in the care of children, indeed, anyone who cares about children, should read this book, as painful and discomforting as it will be. Children are being abused and neglected at this moment. Children are crying, right now. We must have the courage to hear."

- Kay Holt, M.D., Child Psychiatrist

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" Because of the way it is written, it bypasses the complex

consciousness and defense systems of the adult reader,

and goes straight to the heart."

- Anna Grace Day

Commissioner Cabinet for Human

Resources Commonwealth of KY

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