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"A book that must be read by anyone and everyone who comes into contact

with children whether professionally, socially or personally."

"Child protection is a high priority...child abuse deaths will continue. Read this book and then get involved in preventing abuse deaths in your community."

"Highly recommended for professionals, parents, and anyone who cares

about children.

- Child Welfare League of America.

- Richard Krugman, M.D., Dean, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Part One depicts the last week of life for a little girl ...

Ursula Sunshine Assaid, and how society failed to save her from violent, fatal child abuse. Teachers and neighbors were blind to her private hell. Not one person took the simple steps that would have prevented her excruciating death. This story is uniquely powerful because the reader experiences Ursula's final days from her point of view, through the uncomprehending eyes of a five-year old.

While Part One energizes the reader to become a soldier ...

in defense of the helpless, Part Two provides current practical information and guidance that will help the reader identify, prevent, report and defend against child abuse. This book is a must-read for students and educators, parents and grandparents, law enforcement, the judiciary and all others who seek to end the cycle of violence in the home.

Grand Publishing Copyright 2011

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